This two-day course will teach you about the honour of butchering and preserving the noble pig.

The first day of this course is designed to guide you through the skills of butchering a whole pig from nose to tail, and what to do with the wide variety of cuts. We will discuss what to look for when buying pork, and we'll cover basic animal husbandry.
The morning session will focus on the back end of the pig and the offal - the loins, hams, tails and trotters will all be broken down and we will use a few of these prime cuts and lesser used pieces to cook a delicious lunch together.
The afternoon will focus on the front end and the leftover bits - the shoulders, head, neck and hocks will be prepared for sausages and charcuterie. We will then begin to make black pudding, brawn and our own bit of bacon to take home.

 The second day of this course will focus on preserving pork in a variety of ways. We will work together to produce our own salamis, brined hams, air-dried legs, cured and smoked loins and bacon. We will also finish making a brawn, and make a batch of delicious porky bangers. Lunch will comprise of our own smoked pork dishes, crispy black pudding, as well as some other delights from the Old Dairy Kitchen.

The days will include demonstrations around our oak benches, as well as hands-on elements and recipes. You are encouraged to attend both days, but are also welcome to book either individually.

TIMES - 10:00am to 4:30pm

£210 per person for the full weekend (including all ingredients, lunch and some goodies to take home)
£120 per person for either of the days individually

DATES for 2018

Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 November

You can book your place online. Use the drop down list to select the date, then pay securely via PayPal (using credit/debit cards or your PayPal account). We'll send you confirmation and details by email. If you're giving the place as a gift, please use your own details for the purchase and confirm the attendee by email.

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