Making bread at home is one of the purest of life's pleasures. The natural pace set by yeasts and flours as they prove and strengthen before being baked becomes a rhythm by which you can shape your day, week and life. 

Over the course of the day, Chris will cover starting, nurturing and using a healthy sourdough starter; troubleshooting home baking - from crusts to crumb structure; sourcing good grains and ingredients; and guide you to being more confident in your daily baking. Covering breads, pastries and seasonal sweet and savoury goods, this course aims to open your mind to the joy and alchemy behind glutens, grains and the techniques therein.

Join us round our oak bench for bread basics - we'll cover the essential sourdough skills to get us started in the morning. We'll then enjoy a delicious, organic lunch together before working on seasonal recipes and other baking in the afternoon. We'll make the most of the time of year by adding fresh ingredients and featuring recipes that are harmonious with the season - every course will be slightly different and you'll leave with confidence and a bag of oven-fresh items to share.

TIMES - 9:30am to 4:00pm

£105 per person (including all ingredients, lunch and some goodies to take home)

 DATES for 2018

Friday 20 July
Sunday 14 October
Sunday 25 November - Festive Baking

You can book your place online. Use the drop down list to select the date, then pay securely via PayPal (using credit/debit cards or your PayPal account). We'll send you confirmation and details by email. If you're giving the place as a gift, please use your own details for the purchase and confirm the attendee by email.

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